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I specialise in creating beautiful, natural family portraits outside, or in your home. You'll treasure your portraits even more when they're captured somewhere that's either meaningful to you, or blessed with natural beauty. The world is my studio

Here's a little video that explains how I can help and what I'm all about:

Family portraits are so precious. After all, what’s more important than your family? Your family is what you've devoted your life to. That's why most people say that family photos are the first thing they would rescue from a fire.

Thank you Dan. Our family photos are more beautiful than we'd ever hoped. The extra time you took to plan the photography and your patience in helping us choose the right products for our home was so helpful
Clare Bowdler

Although I'm one of the only full time professional family photographers in Peterborough I realise there's still a lot to choose from. So let me take a moment to explain why I’m different...

1. You're not restricted by time
Some photographers give you a 'timed slot' of 30 minutes to an hour. I don’t want you to feel like you’re in a production line, so I don’t put a time limit on your photography session. If your baby or children are having a tantrum it's no problem as the clock isn't ticking.

When the stresses of time are taken out of the equation you can all relax and this results in much more natural and comfortable expressions and we can start to have fun.

I’m a photographer who only wants to create the very best photos, not snaps. That’s why you have me as long as you need me. I'm only finished once you're happy you have photos that you'll love.

"Dan is the only photographer I have met who takes his profession to another level of customer service. His calm and informal presence is reassuring and it feels like he is a friend of the family. We have some magical photos which will adorn our walls for a very long time and make us smile everyday."
Linda Marseglia

2. I meet you first so we can plan your perfect photography session
One of the things that makes me unique in Peterborough is that I take the time to meet you before you've even booked me. This helps me understand exactly what you'd like. After all, not everyone likes the same type of photography and I want to make sure I create family portraits that truly touch your heart.

Meeting you first also gives you a chance to get to know me a little so you and your family will feel more comfortable around me when it's time to create the photos. Another key thing we can chat about is planning the most appropriate clothing for the photography. Choosing the right clothes can make or break a family portrait so I always take the time to go through ideas with you thoroughly.

This means that on the day of the portrait session you’ll feel more comfortable and also know that we have the perfect plan to provide you with the best possible photos.

3. Family portraits in a location that's meaningful to you
Where do you and your children feel most comfortable – at home, in the garden, or at the local park, right? That's why I always come to you. Feeling comfortable in your surroundings is crucial for natural expressions in your family portraits.

In fact I often recommend we go to a location that's emotionally meaningful to you, because the location becomes an extra character in the portrait. It could be your garden, a park where you picnic as a family, or maybe where you first got engaged. It makes the photo even more precious and there's no extra cost. Creating photos outside enables us to be extra creative and produce a beautiful fusion of landscape and portrait photography.

4. If the weather is bad we can rearrange at no extra charge
I know how much my clients love having photographs created outside and I don't want you to feel worried about the weather. That's why I'm happy to rearrange at no extra charge if it's raining. This enables us to capture gorgeous sunset images at a convenient 4pm in the winter (rather than the less convenient 10pm in summer!).

5. You’ll look absolutely stunning – guaranteed!
Whether you love a natural look or creative effects I’ll spend hours and hours enhancing your family portraits in Photoshop. I’ll capture those special, decisive moments between you and your family and then give them that added punch in Photoshop. The end result is you get to own beautiful fine art wall portraits to enjoy in your home, for a lifetime.

Also, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to help pose and relax you so you'll look fantastic and natural. Most of all, you'll actually enjoy having your photo taken.

6. See the photos in your home before you commit
I have amazing specialist portraiture software that shows you how your photos will actually look in your home, before you invest in them. You can instantly choose between different frame styles and sizes and see them superimposed, to scale, inside your home. This makes it easy for you to choose the perfect wall portraits for your décor and wall space. Take a look at the video showing the software in action:

7. Gorgeous frames and mounts
Your photos come in a range of gorgeous frames including natural oak for a classic look and acrylics for a more modern home. My frames are sourced from a specialist framing company that only supplies the professional photography market. My prints and frames are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to hold their colour for a lifetime - and if they don't, I'll re-make them for you free of charge.

As I mentioned in point 5 I'll show you how the different frames, sizes and photos will look in your home before you commit to buying.

8. Read my testimonials!
I could bore you rigid about how my photography has been used by the BBC, CNN, The Wildlife Trust, The Royal National Institute for Deaf People and other illustrious organisations, but I think it sounds better coming from my customers, so please browse my testimonials for your peace of mind:

Wow, Dan, I just got in from work and WOW man, there are some lovely shots here. Debbie should be home anytime now, and rest assured we'll have much to discuss. Thanks so much for your time, help and encouragement thus far. You'll hear from me very soon. Can you feel my smile?
Steve King from The Drifters

Wow, what an extraordinary bunch of photos. The quality of the images is one thing, but getting my three unruly boys to look angelic at the same time is something not many people are capable of! Many thanks, Dan, for such a wonderful record of an all too brief time in our lives.
Mark Jones, Wickhambrook

9. I guarantee you’ll love your photos or you won't pay a penny.
You have absolutely nothing to lose. I promise that if you're not absolutely thrilled (not just satisfied!) THRILLED with your photographs then you won’t pay a penny. I’ll even give you your deposit back with a smile! OK, maybe a slight pout, but who knows – it’s never happened before…!

"Dan you are an absolute delight to work with, your enthusiasm is infectious!! Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with you on so many projects -teaching us, photographing our fleet of lorries , capturing beautiful cheeky images of our granddaughter, portfolio pictures of our budding actor son and any day now you will have the task of photographing our new grandchild when it arrives! Whatever the project your attention to detail is wonderful, you have a very special way with all your subjects that puts them at ease. We look forward to working with you again in the future and promise you won't have to roll in the mud again! Thanks again for everything."
Jill Wiles, Yaxley

10. I can create emotional family videos like this

How much is a family photography session?
After you’ve had your free, no obligation chat you can then make an appointment to book me - or not, it's totally up to you, no pressure.

The session itself (with no time limits), is £175 for a week day session and £200 for the weekend. You then put that towards whatever artwork you'd like, with options from £15.

Don't worry, there's no nasty 'salesyness' - I'm only small and don't make a very good bully!.

Call me on 0792 358 3658 or email to arrange a time for me to pop over and see you to chat about what you'd like. Don't worry, there's no obligation to book - it's all very relaxed.

"Thank you, Dan, not only for taking some beautiful photographs of our family, but also for taking such trouble to find out what we were looking for and putting us at our ease. Most of all, thank you for what you are trying to do in your ManKIND project and for including Ramzi in that."
Anna Freij, Oundle

That’s the beauty of my service. You get more personal care and attention as I help you through the whole process from planning the session so that it suites your taste, right through to helping you choose the images and frames.

So, if you’d really love me to create some beautiful photos of your family then call me now to make an appointment on 0792 358 3658 or email

Check out my family portrait photography portfolio.

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