Trash the dress photography in the peak district

02nd October 2017
These trash the dress photographs were created at Lumsdale Falls in the Peak district, near Matlock.

Originally we'd looked at Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales, but when I visited there on the way to a trip to Scotland I quickly realised that Dan and Holly would be swept into the North sea within about 3 seconds of entering the water! Clearly the recent rain had made Aysgarth Falls very angry and not the quaint scene featured in Robin Hood Price Of Thieves.

So, I quickly Googled other waterfalls around the Pennines and was very excited to find Lumsdale falls in the Peak District. Not only does it look like the kind of tranquil, tumbling waterfall you see on tropical islands, but it also has the ruins of an old mill right next to it.

Since Holly and Dan wanted their trash the dress session to feature water, ruins and mud that just left the last request...
...well, 'luckily' it poured with rain as we entered the peak district.

Although the area around Lumsdale falls isn't very muddy, the rain made a nice little mud bath in a small area next to the road.
Finding the falls is very easy. You simply park up near Highfields school and walk down the road which runs alongside the river, which is on your left. Follow it down for a few hundred yards until you reach the falls. Don't be fooled by the water pouring over the dam, that's not the waterfall.

Our first set of photographs was all about showing the full height and beauty of the scene while romantically integrating Holly and Dan within the environment.

The downside was I need to cross the stream to get the ideally shot. Luckily I'm as nimble as a weasel and scuttled over a fallen log to get to the best spot. Although I did have to set my tripod up in the middle of the water which a bit nerve-wracking when you have £3000 of equipment attached to it!

The sound of the water made it too noisy for me to give many directions, but Holly and Dan remembered all the moves we'd used on their wedding day and nailed it.

We then used the ruined mill as our backdrop for some more moody images which gelled well with the wet, gloomy day we were having.
The mud-bath was next on our to-do list. I laid in the middle of the road (getting pretty muddy myself) while Dan made sure I didn't get run over. Holly then sat and rolled in the mud while smearing it all over her face and hurling some at me (at my request).

As we walked back up towards the car I wondered what people would think if they saw a bride covered in mud. I guess I don't look like a very scary kidnapper! We quickly stopped off at the ruins for a some final shots (a kind of Frankenstein bride theme!) and then it was back to the car.

I'm so glad we ignored the rainy forecast and went ahead with the session. The rain kept the crowds away and added to the atmosphere. Wet leaves also saturate the colours to make everything look surreal and lush. Plus the thick cover of trees protected us a lot and stopped the photographs having streaks of rain in them.

A big thank you to Holly and Dan for being one of the few couples fun, care-free and... ...well... ...bonkers enough to do this!

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