Travel photo library

Great Britain portfolioA portfolio of the people and places of the British Isles. All photos are available to buy through this website as digital stock images, or as fine art prints.California and Vegas portfolioCalifornia is wonderful for photography. Sexy cities, stunning coastline, soaring mountains, scorching desert and smiling faces makes California a joy to travel around... ...and Vegas makes me smile.
Komodo, West Flores and Rinca portfolioThe islands around West Flores include Komodo island (of Komodo Dragon fame), as well as hundreds of other stunning islands. These are tricky places to get to, but even harder to leave.Norway portfolioTromso in Arctic Norway is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. The stunning mountain scenery and fjords make it a photographer's dream.
Photos of Malaysia portfolioMalaysia is a beautiful, varied and often overlooked country. Hopefully some of these photos will encourage you to agree.Bali portfolioBali is an island of art and aesthetics. Everything in Bali is beautiful, from the people to the sunsets and landscapes. Even the run down areas have a wonderful rustic charm.
Istanbul portfolioAlthough Istanbul isn't the capital of Turkey (Ankara is) the spicy city is a boiling cauldron of delights that sizzles at the axis of Asia and Europe.Destination Kenya - article portfolioMy experiences of travelling in Kenya, with specific emphasis on the uplifting character of the Kenyan people. Photos below article.
Paris portfolioParis is a heavyweight of world cities so needs no introduction from me. As always, all these photos are available as prints or digital files.Iceland portfolioIceland is a pulsing, hissing and spurting island of volcanic basalt that affords experiences and sights that are found in few other places.
Barcelona portfolioPhotographing Barcelona is a real pleasure thanks to Gaudi, labyrinthine backstreets, expansive vistas, passionate people and tasty tapas.