Lewis and Rachel's wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns, St Neots

24th April 2018
Lewis is a big friendly giant of a man. 6 foot 7 and a heart just as big.

Rachel is 5 foot 2 and as relaxed as a dormouse in a cotton wool factory.

I've never photographed a wedding with such a wide height difference.
Although I've photographed a few weddings at Bassmead Manor Barns the 3 of us still scouted the venue so we could create a plan for the day and ensure they'd look great together in their photographs.

Lewis and Rachel described the vibe of their wedding as 'traditional, natural and a laugh'.

We went through a bunch of different photographs together in the planning process and they told me what they did and didn't want. It was clear that they loved the more natural romantic ones and...
...some of the quirkier ideas too.

Indeed, they hinted that 'Lewis's side of the family is a bit crazy!'
Perfect - just my kinda wedding!

On the morning of the wedding my assistant photographer, Ian, went with Lewis while I stayed with Rachel. Having two photographers ensures the whole story of the wedding day gets covered.

Similarly for the ceremony Ian stayed at the back of Bassmead's beautiful barn, while I remained at the front. One of the many lovely things about the Bassmead ceremony barn is there's a raised mezzanine at the back (perhaps an old hay loft) so Ian could get lovely shots from above the ceremony.

Since it was January I was a little worried about the weather as there were spots of rain and a biting wind whistling across the hills.

I feared poor Rachel was going to freeze during the group photographs and romantic ones.

I needn't have worried. I kept asking how she was and the reply was always something like:

"No problem, I'm fine, you only get married once - let's go for it!"
Nevertheless, we did do most of the family photographs in the barn where it was cozier.

We only ventured outside when it was time to throw around umbrellas and spray Prosecco with the bridesmaids and groomsmen! See photographs below!

For the romantic photographs I executed my plans to ensure Lewis didn't always look so much taller than Rachel. So I had him lift her up and her sitting across his lap. All the tricks to help keep the intimacy and ensure Lewis didn't sprain his back bending down for kisses!

The speeches were a fantastic blend of emotion and laughter. I don't think Lewis's sister has forgiven me for photographing her crying!
Two of my favourite shots of the day were after the speeches, at twilight. One was where we created a tunnel of sparklers for Lewis and Rachel to walk through and the other was using the stunning lighting setup that DJ Rob from Strobe Disco Roadshow created to illuminate the famous Bassmead Manor Barns bridge.

I was very flattered when the resident DJ Rob Giddings said it was perhaps the best photograph he'd seen taken of a couple of the bridge.

A mixture of booze and a boatload of Krispy Kreme doughnuts meant everyone was jacked up for carving up the dance floor.

And when Rob the DJ put the Madness medley on, out came the hats and rubber saxophones to round off an awesome day of good old fashioned fun and laughter.

Venue: Bassmead Manor Barns
Florist: Country Garden Florist
Bridal store: Annie Laurie Bridal (Stamford)
DJ: Strobe Disco Roadshow

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